Desk-type protein machine
4 containers, each with capacity of 1 kg for dry ingredients
3 pumps for syrups
7 types of drinks (proteins, gainers, BCAA etc.)
Connection to ХВС / immersion pump

Automatic flushing system
Online monitoring
Integration with gym's software
Compact vending machine for sports nutrition won't leave anyone indifferent . Budget solution for any gym. If you have a fitness bar – put it right there and don't waste time on cocktails! If there is no space for fitness bar – SHAKER S is your best solution!

Protein vending machine
32" inches touchscreen (EN and any other language interface)
Voice guide (EN and any other language)
Stand-by advertisement mode
Proximity sensor
8 containers for dry ingredients (each has capacity of 2 kg)
3 beverage syrups (water + syrup = beverage)
20+ types of drinks (proteins, gainers, BCAA etc.)
100 glasses, 400 ml (automated delivery)
Non-cash payments(Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay)
Online telemetry (control of expenses and income, balances)
Makes all types of liquid cocktails (proteins, gainers, BCAA etc.)
Minimizes expenses and allows making maximum profit
Encourages new customers capture
Integrated into gym's software
Maintains feedbacks from users (favorite tastes, components and demands)
Functions 24/7 without weekends/breaks/medical leave

Protein machine

Online telemetry (control ingredients consumption and sales)
Acceptance of cash and non-cash payments Weight nett= 130 kg
Dimensions height х width х depth 1800х730х600 mm
Electrical energy consumption : Standby mode 40W, Preparing mode 180W
24"inches display
Stand-by advertisement mode
8 containers for dry ingredients (each has capacity of 2 kg)
16 types of drinks (proteins, gainers, BCAA etc.)
100 glasses, 350 ml (automated delivery)
4 canisters with water, 19 l (placed inside the body of the machine
or connection with water through a filter)

Desk-type protein machine
Actual device is the result of mutual work together with our partners and friends SHAKER TECHNOLOGY.

Connection to water treatment system and water supply.

Wide choice of concentrates from the leading manufacturers.

Now you don't need disposable cups and bottles.
Beverages purchasing options:
-Withdrawal from the client's balance
-By subscription

Integrated with your gym's software.

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